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An exploration into consent and data privacy in social media use. Can we rethink the role of consent when it comes to sharing our data online and reshape our expectations around it?

What if people could set individual default settings based on their attitude towards privacy? To what extent should images be masked to preserve anonymity (e.g., facial features, the entire face or body)?

Privacy Screens


450 dash

Ever came across a scent you love but had no idea what it is? What if there could be an easier way to 
find out, keep track & better understand our scent preferences?

Users can take photos of the products they love, and SCENSE will attempt to identify they key components of the scent. The manual search function helps you find products ranging from fragrances, candles or body products.

Keep track of your prferences through SCENSE's scent profile, which records various fragrance notes (top, middle & base). A personalised scent profile is also available for you to better understand your scent preferences, with suggestions of similar fragrances.


I'm a designer with a focus on service and interaction design. I've worked with clients ranging from small startups to global companies, on products and services ranging from digital interfaces to business value propositions.

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